>Update on KC and The Sunshine Band!

>Okay, people! Here’s a message from the comment section of the KC and The Sunshine Band post. Please, check the links out — You’ll be surprised to see how much Boogie there’s still left to do!

Loni Reeder said…
Amazing, awesome and TIMELESS music! And Rick Finch (bassist, producer, arranger and co-founder of KC and the Sunshine Band) is still creating and producing the next generation of timeless hits. Go to and see what’s new – and stop by and check out Rick’s latest release, “Let’s Dance Again” (which is currently in contention to be the new theme song for a popular daytime talk show!)

…and how do I know about this? Well, I’m Rick’s manager and publicist. He is always THRILLED when a fan celebrates the music that he co-created with H.W. Casey, so I am sure he will enjoy checking out your site.


Loni Reeder
Manager/Publicist for Richard Finch


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