>Theola Kilgore’s Tribute To Love: "The Love of My Man"


The Love of my Man
Keeps me safe and warm …

I know these are not the words of a liberated, self-sufficient woman living in the 21st century. In my opinion, though, they express what we all long for deep inside: a place that’s safe and warm where no one and nothing can harm us. That place needs not be a location per se. It is, as Theola Kilgore says in her song, the love we receive from another person.
The song was contributed by ((Gua)), and to him this is the song that conjures up memories of his mother, just as When A Man Loves A Woman has me remember my own mother.
Theola Kilgore’s The Love Of My Man is a tender and loving tribute to love itself.

Thanks ((Gua))!

Let’s see what more is there to sing about comforting and fulfilling love.

The Originals_Bridge Over Troubled Water
Ray, Goodman and Brown_Celebrate Our Love
Lionel Ritchie_Truly
The Ebonys_It’s Forever (long version)

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