>Tavares: "Don’t Take Away The Music", "Let Me Heal The Bruises", "I Wanna See You Soon"

>Tavares does not sound like a group from New Bedford, Mass. Do they? They’ve got the golden sound of California or maybe Florida (or sunny Texas?) all over them. The 5 Brothers are best known for their heavily Disco flavored hits of the late 70’s, especially the 76 smash hits Don’t Take Away The Music and Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel. What made the group great was their flawless singing, though. Anyone else could have sung these tunes, hitting the charts. But what makes these hits so special are these unforgettable voices that blend to the exciting sound so typical for Tavares.

Anyone who can manage to listen to a Tavares song with a focus on the vocal arrangements instead of the music will agree with me. That’s perfect singing. No less!
Let Me Heal The Bruises is a slow song with top notch background harmonizing whose melody is somewhat reminiscent of Feelings in my opinion. Another less often heard song by Tavares is My Love Calls from their Madam Butterfly album. Just listen to the background vocals … I love them. Finally, Got To Find My Way Back To You is a prime example of a cheapy turned into something good by the singing alone. I mean that song is basically a boring clap-clap, stomp-stomp tune. If it weren’t for the Tavares Bros. high carat singing, it wouldn’t stay on my hard-drive longer than 45 seconds … Wonderful, on the other hand, resides there — backed up twice! On I Wanna See You Soon, they team up with another exceptional vocalist: Freda Payne.
Okay now, see for yourselves what these guys have to offer!

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