>Jimmy Castor

>“Jimmy Castor,” according to his biography is not only a “singer, songwriter, saxophonist, percussionist,” but also a “producer, arranger and humorist.”So, what do you think? Does he deserve his nickname, The Everything Man?

On top of it, he was that kind of kid who wrote “I Promise To Remember,” a million seller for Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers, before having even finished junior high school! I think we’re dealing with a typical “Wunderkind”case here.
This short clip of a presentation of Troglodyte is simply hilarious!
Some scientific studies claim that Troglodytes are an extinct species — but a recently conducted field research study by FLAT (Foundation of Ladies Against Troglodytes) clearly proves that they’re still very active. So, girls be careful!

The Jimmy Castor Bunch song most of us remember best probably is Bertha Butt Boogie. Goodness — I never had a butt worth mentioning, but I was definitely boogying to that song …
A softer side of the master reveals itself in One Precious Word. Who would have expected something like that from Jimmy?

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