>Carl Hall: "You Don’t Know Nothing About Love", "Change With The Seasons"

>Every so often I find an artist without a history, so to speak. Carl Hall is one of them; there is virtuually no information on him available. He is nevertheless a remarkable singer, reminding me of O. V. Wright: same pitch, same intensity.

Carl Hall is said to have begun his singing career with the gospel group The Raspberry Singers. He also has been a theater actor and appeared in diverse Broadway shows. He recorded both with The Raspberry Singers and as a soloist. Nowadays his solo material is experiencing an increased demand by collectors.
If anyone out there knows a little more about Carl Hall, please let me know, and I’ll be happy to spread the word. A singer like Carl Hall deserves more attention — no matter how long overdue it may be.
You Don’t Know Nothing About Love

Change With The Seasons (correctly linked now) 

2 responses to “>Carl Hall: "You Don’t Know Nothing About Love", "Change With The Seasons"

  1. >Carl Hall is great. I've never heard Change With The Season, and was looking forward to it, but both tracks like to You Don't Know Nothing About Love, (a fine song in and of itself!) W.

  2. >Goodness, I'm so sorry! I didn't notice that I have posted the same song twice. Thank you s much W. for bringing this to my attention.

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