>Two Versions of "Lovers Concerto" : The Toys vs The Delfonics


How surprised do you think your ol’ raggedy was when she happened to find the Delfonics’ cover of A Lovers Concerto in her very own music library? Well … she was very surprised. I knew that the song had been covered by dozens others, and of all, I loved both Cilla Black’s and the Toys versions best. But I had not heard the Delfonics interpretation.

The Toys recorded the song first in 1965, and it is said that the musicians are in fact the mighty Funk Bros. I have no idea whether that is true or not. But they sure sound like them. I have never heard of the label DynoVoiceRecords that released the Toys version and whether it was a studio where the Funk Bros. did some of their well-known (despite unauthorized)
moonlighting …
Anyway, the song is great and I’m going to post both versions for you to compare.

The Delfonics version is from their 1968 album La-La Means I Love You from which a remastered CD is available .

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