>Sad, Sad News! John Carter of the Dells has died!

I have several posts about the Dells on my blog — they are simply incomparable. Marvin Junior’s baritone and John Carter’s tenor are simply unique. Their music came from the heart, sparking a wide array of emotions in its listeners.

I am not exaggerating when I say that the death of the most beautiful tenor from soul’s heyday is breaking my heart. I feel like crying. It is so hard to take leave of a man with such an extraordinary voice. He sure brought joy into my life and brightened up more than a few dark days of for me.

There was no other tenor that could warm a heart and touch a soul as his did.

A founding member of the legendary Flamingos (I Only Have Eyes For You), John joined the Dells in 1960, replacing their lead tenor Johnny Funches. John Carter stayed with the Dells for the rest of his life — 49 years.
He died of lung cancer at the age of 75.

Waiting For You and Betcha Never Been Loved are from The Dells’ They Said It Couldn’t Be Done album (Mercury, 1977).

Stay_ In_ My_ Corner

Betcha_Been_ Never_ Loved (Like This Before)
Waiting_ For_ You


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