>David Ruffin — Everything’s Coming Up Love (Plus a surprise!)


Looks like I’m having Ruffin-withdrawal symptoms … So, here I go again with yet another David Ruffin classic.
Everything’s Coming Up Love is once more a tune by this great vocalist that makes me want to dance; This song has “just be happy!” written all over. Doesn’t it? And when David hits those high notes (0:45 and 2:00) — so smoothly and perfectly — I am reassured that I am soooo right in being crazy about his voice. 


Now — Here’s The Surprise!!!
Okay. Y’all (lol) know that I love David Ruffin. (By now you really should.) A while ago it just so happened that I came across a YouTube clip by a gentleman who seemed to like Ruff too.  While I am restricted to writing/posting about My David (mainly because of vocal shortcomings), avetrey can actually sing David’s songs! I do admire him for his courage — because singing David’s material definitely is challenging.
Now, looka here what avetrey did!
(Please, head over to his channel and leave a comment, if you like his singing!)

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