>Eccentric Soul series by the Numero Group label


Today’s tracks are from the Numero’s Eccentric Soul series compilation of Prix label releases.  UK’s guardian music blog describes the Numero Group “… the connoisseurs’ choice. Its releases are prized and praised for their attractive but understated design, meticulously researched sleeve notes and careful sound restoration.” (http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/musicblog/2009/oct/22/numero-group)
The group was founded in 2003 as an record label with the goal to archive material from different record labels. Since then,  its founders, Tom Lunt, Rob Sevier, and Ken Shipley have turned the label into a media company offering  recordings, films and photography from obscure yet high-carat artists. They consider themselves being  “on a dirty, labor-intensive mission… and it’s urgent as all hell. Time kills off precious bits of passed-over sound …” 

To find out what else is going on at Numero’s and with the Eccentric Soul  collection go here.

Lynn Williams — Don’t Be Surprised (from the Prix label compilation)
Marion Black — Come On And Get It (from the Prix label compilation)

And now: Happy Friday to Everyone!

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