>Deep Soul Saturday!


Alright! It’s time for another dip into Raggedy’s Deep Soul collection.
After I Shed A Tear — Mary Holmes
Baby Oh Baby — Charles Greene
Say You Will — Willie Small
Some Man’s Woman (part 1) — Sammy Roberson

2 responses to “>Deep Soul Saturday!

  1. >You've been busy lately!I love all of these. Are they all on the same CD because they aren't on the one you pictured? (I may be wrong, but I am assuming you haven't got them on vinyl). I also want to thankyou for Joe Simon's Magnolia which I hadn't heard before. (Hope the kitchen is up straight with Thanksgiving just around the corner!)

  2. >I am trying to post on a regular basis — which is hard at times because life keeps interfering quite often lately.The tracks in this post are selected randomly from my playlists. But thanks for bringing this to my attention: I shall not post a CD cover just for decoration, so to speak. I am so glad you like "Magnolia." I consider it a gem that needed to be brought to light, so it can sparkle. Kitchen is finished finally …

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