>Weldon Irvine — Morning Sunrise


Sometimes I wonder for how long the seemingly never ending stream of new music discoveries from thepast will last. It appears however that there is a wealth of material out there about whose existence I had no idea about.
Weldon Irvine was — up to a few days ago — a unknown artist to me. I loved today’s title by him right away, and of course I could not wait to share it with you. 

ChickenBones: A Journal describes his musical style as having “mingled, mixed, and morphed into a rare breed of music, a funky fusion buoyed by a spiritual vibe that’s as uplifting and expansive as it is deep and inclusive. As a result, he occupies sacred space somewhere between Alice Coltrane (and various other Impulse artists) and Stevie Wonder on the continuum of African-American music. With lofty ambition and earthy bravado, he’s filled that space with a unique blend of jazz, blues, gospel, Latin, soul, funk, and hip-hop.” 


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