>Howard Tate — Pride, Wrong Number


Wednesday seems to be the perfect day for a bit of Deep Soul. Howard Tate is one of the truly underrated singers. Why, with a voice like his and some pretty good material, he didn’t make it to the top, is yet another mystery waiting to be demystified, so to speak.
Here’s a chunk of his biography from http://www.starpulse.com/Music/Tate,_Howard/Biography/#

“Highly regarded by soul music cultists and virtually unknown by anybody else, Howard Tate had some minor success with the Verve label in the late ’60s. The singer brought a lot of blues and gospel to his phrasing, but what made him palatable to the modern R&B audience (and, to a lesser degree, pop fans) was the Northeast soul production of Jerry Ragovoy, who also wrote much of Tate’s material. Howard made the R&B Top 20 three times in the late ’60s (with “Ain’t Nobody Home,” “Stop,” and “Look at Granny Run Run”). However, he’s most famous to rock audiences as the original performer of “Get It While You Can,” which became one of Janis Joplin’s signature tunes.”

Wrong Number
She’s A Burglar

Please check out Howard Tate’s CD releases!

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