>Temptations — Memories vs. The Manhattans — The Way We Were (Memories)


I came across the wonderful version of this song by the great Manhattans a few days ago — never even knew they’d covered it. Since the Temptations version has always been one of my favorites by them, I (of course) had to listen to them back to back. Result: I can’t decide which one I like best.
P.S.: The Manhattans actually combined the first strophe of the Tempts “Memories” with “The Way We Were”, using it at the beginning and the end of their version. So, it’s not a cover of the song; more like a partial cover. But I like the way the Manhattans sing this part better than the Tempts’ version. (Thanks Darcy)

Wish that I could wind

Like a spiral stair through time
To your body next to mine
Warm and satisfied
Wish that I could catch
A night train to the past
Climb aboard and hear you ask
Darling come inside …”

The Temptations with Dennis as lead

The Manhattans

4 responses to “>Temptations — Memories vs. The Manhattans — The Way We Were (Memories)

  1. >I'm a bit confused because these are not the same songs? Did the Tempts ever do a version of The Way We Were?Both lovely songs but that Temptations song is just wonderful!BTW you are now one of my Twelve Red Roses.And I love the snowflakes. Have a great Christmas.

  2. >You're absolutely right –I should have said "the first strophe" of the Temptations' Memories and the way the Manhattans combined it with the "The Way We Were" in the beginning and at the end. I like the way they sing it better than I like the Tempts version. I think I need to take a break … I'm getting sloppy with my posts. Sorry — and thank you for responding.

  3. >Wow — Thank you for the introduction to your Twelve Roses Club. I'm genuinely honored!

  4. >No probs – us Soulies have to stick together.And I was a) so hung up on playing and re-playing the Temptations' track, and b) blinded by the fact that the Manhattans had covered The Way We Were, that I had not noticed that the intro-outro of The Manhattans track borrowed the lyrics from the Temptations!PS: looks like you have a DivShare problem, or is it me that has a DivShare problem, not exactly sure how these things work.

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