>Freddie Scott — Who Could Ever Love You

>Hey you all! Yes, I am still alive — not really kicking though. My house looks a mess — again! This time it’s not the new kitchen, it’s painting the walls and getting the house ready for sale.
It is emotionally taxing, too. While I was cleaning out the closets and wall units, I found so many things I had completely forgotten about: memories, memories …
But most of all, I miss blogging. The process of finding a nice song to post, hoping that it would be something you all liked, I noticed, is such a pleasant activity. But right now, I’m simply too restless to sit down and not do something related to the big event.
Well, this morning while I was scanning my favorite blogs, I found something by Freddie Scott over at Feel It. And I thought I could post something by him … while I am listening to the music I’ve got by him.

My choice today is Who Could Love You from his album Are You Lonely For Me?

Who Could Ever Love You

2 responses to “>Freddie Scott — Who Could Ever Love You

  1. >I've got some catching up to do with Freddie's output.Hope your move doesn't prove too traumatic – and you just went through the upheaval of a new kitchen too!

  2. >Aw .. I'm gonna live! I just l o v e to whine and complain. I guess I should have been a Deep Soul singer.

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