>Fred Briggs — Outside Love Affair


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I have repeatedly expressed my great appreciation of Kimberly Briggs’ aka Kim Tolliver’s wonderful singing. I knew that her husband, Fred Briggs, was singing himself (besides writing songs) — but I never posted a song by him. Fred Briggs has a beautiful soft and warm voice.
He wrote for the Dells,  Mavis Staples and, in collaboration with Kim and Darryl Carter, produced Margie Joseph’s album “Margie Joseph Makes A New Impression” (Volt).
As a singer he started out in 1964 with Someone To Care For me, followed by the highly acclaimed Sound Off, which has joined the ranks of cult singles. In the 70’s he recorded under the pseudonym Coldwater Stone and released  Defrost Me, an album that was done very much in the same fashion as his early releases. Today’s pick is from that album and is written by Kimberly, who is also singing background on it. (Does anyone know why he didn’t record under his real name?)
Fred died in November 2006 in California, shortly before Kim died in Cleveland. 

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