>Eugene Records — When We Pull The Shades


When I was checking amazon for the album The Eugene Record, by Eugene Record, I accidentally ended up on the German amazon site. First, I was kind of surprised that they actually offer the album. And second, I was shocked at the price. 128 Euro for the used CD — that’s about $170! 
Eugene Record, the well-known and deeply loved voice of the Chi Lites, released three solo albums after leaving the group in 1976. (He re-joined them in 1980.) As with so many other lead singers gone soloists, his own career never matched the Chi Lites’. 
Eugene wrote the most beautiful love songs that ever have been written. Oh Girl, Have You Seen Her and The Coldest Days Of My Life are his creations.

Today’s pick is from The Eugene Record (1977, Warner Bros.)

2 responses to “>Eugene Records — When We Pull The Shades

  1. >it's really a beautifull love song , i v just see that you can find the lp for a little price take a look here :http://www.discogs.com/sell/list?master_id=233336&ev=mb

  2. >Wow! That's quite a difference in price! Thanks a million for that tip, TontonDecibel (sorry no accent aigu ..) lol

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