The Mad Lads — Destination

Destination! This title from the 1973 album A New Beginning (Volt) seems to be quite appropriate for today’s post! I hope you all make the new SOTS site your daily destination from now on.

2 responses to “The Mad Lads — Destination

  1. Nice track. I love “Gone! The Promises Of Yesterday” – also on this lp I believe.

    Good luck with the second edition. It’s linked on Feel It. I notice a fresh spate of comments re blog deletions etc. Making me feel twitchy.

    I see you’re still in the experimental stage with the layout 🙂

    PS: thanks for your comment about Feel It on Soul Dojo. Had quite a few hits from it.

    • Oi! Thank you so much … I am thoroughly confused, dear Darcy! I do not like WP. It is not as easily to navigate as Blogger was. And being a slow learner concerning all computer related things does not help a bit.

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