Jimmy James — Red Red Wine, Come To Me Softly

What would I be without my friends? I said that many times before. I know … But i really mean it. I don’t have a huge circle of friends. The few friends I have, however, are a source of continual inspiration. No need to mention how much I cherish the links they send and the music they share with me.
Just the other day, I found a clip in my mail that, in my opinion, needs to be posted. It’s an interview with Jimmy James (Jimmy James and The Vagabonds) that sheds a little light on plain old luck as a factor for success.
I like the simple, unadorned explanation Jimmy gives for his success.

Now some music from Jimmy James and the Vagabonds. Red Red Wine. Flawless singing!

Come To Me Softly. This is the original Jamaican version. (Posted by Ben The Balladeer)

I like this version from the album Golden Hour of Jimmy James and The Vagabonds somewhat better.

(For more music, please go to  http://70disconights.blogspot.com/search?q=jimmy+james

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