The Modulations –Hopelessly In Love

Happy weekend everybody!

I know this is not exactly what the Modulations are singing about in this 1975 philly sound song. But last night, hubby and I went out for a nice dinner. It turned out to be a  beautiful evening out on the patio of the restaurant. What really made me happy, however, was the music they were playing. You wouldn’t believe it, but — yes — I was treated to Blues and Soul from the 60’s and 70’s. I think you all can imagine what my heart did? It sang!

The Margarita was perfect, the pecan crusted red fish was even better (maybe a bit too much butter), and the cappuccino was not bad either. And all these delicacies came with my favorite music playing in the background.

On our way home, with the sunroof down, the balmy San Antonio evening breeze blew away anything that resembled stress or  bad moods … And then it happened: they played my main man David Ruffin.  With the stars above and the air carrying spring scents, I was listening to Walk Away From Love. Now, that is happiness in my book. Pure happiness derived from being hopelessly in love with life.

Maybe one or the other of my readers cares to share their moments of everyday happiness with SOUNDS OF THE SOUL. That would be great!

Hopelessly In Love is yet another song of the philly sound era that so perfectly captures the essence of the time. Enjoy!

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