R. B. Hudmon — A Lover’s Question, Searching For Your Love

R.B. Hudmon’s Searching For Your Love, produced by Jason Bryant of Atlanta’s famous S.O.S. Band, is said to be one of the most sought after 12 inch records in the genre. That may be the case, but my favorite song by R. B. Hudmon, however, is A Lover’s Question. Not only because of the singing that reminds without a doubt of Al Green, but also — or even more so — because of the beautiful instrumentation: smoky saxophone, beautiful guitar and strings, a great piano, and a subdued Hammond organ. Every time I listen to the song, I lose myself in the arrangement that is as strong as R. B.’s singing. Such songs are hard to find.

R. B. Hudmon was born on 6 August 1954 at West Point, Georgia and was already recording in the 60’s as a “child soul singer” says Sir Shambling. I haven’t heard any of his early songs. So I can’t comment on them. All I know is that his Closer To You album offers a fantastic compilation of songs worthy of being introduced to a wider audience.

R. B. Hudmon died much too young at age 41 in August 1995. May his soul rest in peace.

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