Colwell-Winfield Blues Band — Got A Mind To Give Up Living

Sorry for not being on time with the BLUES ON THURSDAY post — but I had a bad case of the blues myself caused by a splitting headache. Being the indestructible ol’ Raggedy, I got back to work the minute I felt better. What I dug out during the post headache phase was a true treasure, in my opinion.

The Colwell-Winfield Blues Band released only two albums. Cold Wind Blues (1968) and Live Bust (1971).

When I heard this track the first time, I said “Mmmmmm! This is some fine music.” The guitar sounds a bit like Albert Collins’, but what got me hooked was the horn section — and the playful flute. I never thought that flute and Blues would make a good combination. The track is from Cold Wind Blues (Original release 1968 ) GET THIS BABY!


Bill Colwell – Guitar
Chuck Purro – Drums
Jack Shroer – Alto, tenor, soprano Saxophone
Moose Sorrento – Vocals
Collin Tilton – Tenor Saxophone, flute
Michael Winfield – Bass

2 responses to “Colwell-Winfield Blues Band — Got A Mind To Give Up Living

  1. Thanks for this great site! Just was talking to Chuck Purro Didn’t Know who he was till i mentioned Jim Morrison and he told me his band was to open for the Doors at Miami ! but were bumped after arriving

    • Thanks for stopping by — and for taking the time to leave a comment. Do you happen to know what the other members are doing nowadays? It is a shame that such fine musicians didn’t leave more albums behind …

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