Honey Boy — Jamaica, At The Dark End Of The Street

Reggae Saturday — Lovers Rock Reggae!

Honey Boy is definitely singing about paradise: sunshine all year long, sweet fruits to eat, fun, sea shore … That’s how he remembers Jamaica. It must be difficult to leave such a place. But if it were really the paradise he’s singing about, he probably would have stayed and not moved to the UK which does not possess such paradisiac characteristics.

Humans have a tendency to remember exactly those things they liked most — but rarely those that have driven them away from their countries. Having left my home country about 16 years ago — not out of necessity, though — I do understand very well what tricks the mind can play on a person who is remembering “home”.

The other title I added just because Dark End of The Street is an old love of mine, and I can’t get enough of the song’s different versions. I never knew there was a reggae version of it until I found this one.

Honey Boy’s real name is Keith Williams, and his birth year is believed to be 1955. He left Jamaica in the 60’s and ended up in London where he sang background for Laurel Aitken.  In 1973 he released his first album This Is Honey Boy. In the mid seventies Honey Boy became a major figure in the lovers rock genre which was the domain of such early Reggae artists as John Holt, Ken Boothe and Johnny Nash. Lovers Rock mainly consisted of reggaefied well-know love songs.

This is a nice and clean recording of Dark End Of The Street by Honey Boy

Jamaica (from Reggae in You Jeggae, British Reggae 1968 – 1972))

Dark End Of The Street

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