Lifestyle — I’m Gonna Love You, Girl

Happy Monday Everyone!Lifestyle

The group went through several name and personnel changes through the 60’s and 70’s before calling themselves Lifestyle in the 70’s. From this era is this beautifully crafted Phillysound track. At that time the group members were Jerry Ferguson, Johnny Mathis, Wade Davis, Charles Lee and Shedrick Wooden.



P.S. Here is a link to discogs where you can buy the album:

5 responses to “Lifestyle — I’m Gonna Love You, Girl

  1. Love this post, do you have any more songs by this group in your catalog, I was interested in knowing did Shedrick Wooden sing lead on any of these songs, if so, could you let me know and also send to my email address, which song that would be, but anything else by this group would be great.

  2. Please let me know of other posts by this group by email

    • Hi Hattie,
      thanks for stopping by. I am glad you found something of interest to you. The only reference to Lifestyle I found at Sir Shambling’s website (as I so often do.)
      I hope that helps. And — please let me know if you find out more about the group. They deserve to be given much more attention.

      • Hattie Sheppard

        Thank you Ms. Raggedy, I too had found this web site, and enjoyed as well. The only other info that I found was that the record was available for sale on discogs web site and I am in the process of getting me a copy-they were a very talented group, which I knew personally, and I wish they would have had more opportunity to produce more than just this one record.

      • Thanks for the info. I’ll post the link to Discogs right away.

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