The Temptations at the Majestic Theater in San Antonio, TX

Last night we saw the Temptations at the Majestic Theater in San Antonio. We had good seats on the orchestra floor, about 5th or 6th row. The house was packed — since the performance was part of the matinée series, I suspect that a big chunk of the audience consisted of subscribers. Nevertheless, the welcoming applause was overwhelming. People were cheering and jumped out of their seats the minute the Temp-ta-tions were announced.

The show was fantastic; the classic moves were as smooth as ever, and the harmonies no less than perfect. Bruce Williamson’s leads brimmed over with intensity, and he did not disappoint the audience. We showered him with applause. At times, however, he sounded a little too raw and seemed to shout instead of singing.

Joe gave us a solo sample of his bass voice, and the crowd  went wild. It was a piece of delicious ear candy.

They sang mostly their tried and true classics. “Stay”, “Treat Her Like A Lady” and “You Are So Necessary” rounded off the repertoire to a well-balanced portfolio of a (soon to be) 50 year-long career.

I loved every minute of the show. Only when they sang “Treat Her Like A Lady” without even mentioning the late Ali Ollie (whose delivery of the song remains unrivaled), I  felt a genuine sting in my heart; I had expected a sentence or two honoring Ali Ollie Woodson. A similar feeling crept upon me when at the truly grande finale Otis announced  “My Girl” and called the song the Temptations’ “anthem.” (David Ruffin’s “My Girl” — the anthem of the group whose boss showed so little respect for the Ruff.)

Okay, okay … All in all the concert was worth the $75 per ticket, and I will  certainly go to another concert, if they ever return to San Antonio (or wherever I’ll be living at that time.)

Click here for video footage of the concert!

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