Buddy Miles Express — Texas

When Buddy Miles cut loose, it was a spectacle. I never get tired watching this clip: the only one where Jimi takes a back seat to another musician sharing the stage with him.

Buddy Miles was born September 5, 1947 in Omaha. He died of congestive heart failure February 2008 in Austin, Texas. Although he’s best known for his affiliation with Jimi Hendrix’ Band of Gypsies, his career started much earlier — and he was working with such R&B greats as Ruby and the Romantics, Wilson Pickett, and The Delfonics.

In 1968 he formed his own group, Buddy Miles Express, briefly played with Jimi Hendrix’s Band of Gypsies and re-formed the Buddy Miles Express in the mid 70’s.

His collaboration with Carlos Santana (after Santana’s original band had broken up in 1972) resulted in an album that went platinum: Carlos Santana & Buddy Miles! Live! It  was recorded at a concert in Hawaii and released in June 1972.

The list of first rate musicians Buddy has played with is quite impressive, including Muddy Waters

Texas, Buddy Miles Express, Electric Church (Mercury, 1974)

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