Sly, Slick and Wicked: When The Morning Comes

John F. Wilson (Sly), Charles Still (Slick) and Marc Sexton (Wicked) founded their group in 1970 in Cleveland, Ohio. Their Stay My Love got Paramount Records interested, and in March 1971 they got signed to the label. Heavily promoted by Paramount as the “hottest newest group,” Stay My Love made it to # 1 on different charts. Nevertheless, Marc Sexton left the group at that time and Terry Stubbs replaced him.

In 1973 James Brown, having heard the group’s debut single as well as its follow-up, It’s Not Easy, made them part of his “First Family of Soul.” He then produced Sho Nuff, song written by the group; this song’s success lead to an invitation to appear on Soul Train by the mighty Don Cornelius. 

Sho Nuff,  (People Records, 1973)

In 1974 they changed labels again, signing with the O’Jays owned Shaker Records. Once again, they released a hit with Turn On Your Lovelight. When Motown called via the Ju-par subsidiary, they of course moved again. There, in 1976, they released their first album Sly, Slick and Wicked. A second album for the label has never been released since Ju-par folded right after the first album had come out.

When they released All I Want Is You in 1979 for Epic, Sly, Slick and Wicked’s star was already dimming.
The group kept performing into the 2000’s while its members worked as songwriters and producers for such greats as the O’Jays, Janet Jackson (not so great lol) and Barry White.

The group clearly shows a way too obvious attempt to sound like the O’Jays — which was not a good idea, in my opinion, simply because nobody will ever be able to come anywhere close to Walter Williams or Eddie LeVert. 

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