>Electrified Action — Love Foundation


I couldn’t find any info on this group, but I do think that the song title suits the season’s spirit: Love.


Post script

I said it before, and I will say it again: What would I do without my friends and fellow music lovers?

Marc a.k.a. Blue Escorpio had this to say about Electrified Action:

More info on ‘Electrified Action’ can be found in ‘Swete Harold’ ‘s bio here: http://www.myspace.com/sweteharold
However I couldn’t track down any trace of the ‘Super Soul Music’ hit on the ‘Delightful Music’ (De-Lite Records???) he’s talking about.
The producer of ‘Love Foundation’ is keyboardist/singer ‘Sweet Richard Shade’.
More on him is here: http://www.thejazznetworkworldwide.com/video/sweet-richard-shade-live-at?xg_source=activity

5 responses to “>Electrified Action — Love Foundation

  1. >Hi,That's some sweet stuff there.More info on 'Electrified Action' can be found in 'Swete Harold' 's bio here: http://www.myspace.com/sweteharoldHowever I couldn't track down any trace of the 'Super Soul Music' hit on the 'Delightful Music' (De-Lite Records???) he's talking about.The producer of 'Love Foundation' is keyboardist/singer 'Sweet Richard Shade'.More on him is here: http://www.thejazznetworkworldwide.com/video/sweet-richard-shade-live-at?xg_source=activityCheers,Marc

  2. >Marc, you are a walking, talking music encyclopedia!Incredible! Thank you so much …I'm going to post your comment right into the original post so everyone can check the links out.

  3. >Lovely song…Thanks!

  4. >Awww Man this is baby making music! 🙂

  5. >lol … yeah. And it's even good once you're past the baby-making stage of life. This kind of music stays with you and makes you happy throughout life.

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