>Teena Marie Dead


Sad  news: Teena-Marie died today. She was only 54, and her voice was as beautiful and clear like  a songbird’s. May she rest in peace. 
The Way You Love Me

4 responses to “>Teena Marie Dead

  1. >More bad news.Myrna Smith founding member of 'The Sweet Inspirations' passed away on Christmas Day.Obit is here:http://www.elvis.com.au/presley/news/myrna_smith_has_died.shtmlDorothy Jones founding member of The Cookies deceased on the same day.Sleep On Soul Sisters.Snifff,Marc

  2. >This is sad, indeed. Thanks, Marc, for the information.

  3. >Terrible news. I've always been a great fan of Lady T. She had a truly soulful voice. No matter if she was singing a sad or happy song she always had the ability to make me cry. Teena was for real and has left us way too soon.

  4. >It is an eye-opener (again.) She was a year younger than I am … Here today, gone tomorrow sounds a little more convincing.

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