>24 Carat Black — Poverty’s Paradise

>Today I’m going to post a true masterpiece of music. It’s the type of song that keeps you listening from the beginning to the end despite it’s extreme length. I definitely like every minute of it. Not only is the musical arrangement exquisite, but also the lyrics are effective.
Poverty’s Paradise is from Ghetto: Misfortunes Wealth, an album by a little known group called 24 Carat Gold. It was first released in 1973 on the Stax label. The classical training of Dale Warren, who composed the string scores for this superb album, shows throughout the entire recording.
He discovered the group when they still called themselves the Ditalians and convinced them to change their name to The 24-Carat Black. The album, despite its high quality, was not successful. Later, however, it was highly valued by Hip-Hop artists for sampling purposes. In 1995, Ghetto: Misfortunes Wealth was released in CD format.

Raggedy’s recommendation: Get It.

4 responses to “>24 Carat Black — Poverty’s Paradise

  1. >Love this album. It's a classic from start to finish.

  2. >Amen! It is an exceptionally well done album. And the music is as timelessly appealing as those century old classic compositions that people still are listen to today. I think it's among the best releases of the 70's.

  3. >I like this, I've never heard it before but based on what I'm hearing and what little research I've done on this I'm going to acquire the Cd.Sounds like a must have.

  4. >((Gua)), I know you will love that CD. I don't think it will ever gather any dust.

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