>Archie Walker — I’m Asking Forgiveness / A Change Is Near


Archie Walker is one of the artists who only seemed to have released a handful recordings. I think it is  regrettable not to have more material available by this artist. It certainly would have been interesting to hear how his voice had changed over time.
His voice may not be exceptional, but in its modesty (for the lack of a better expression) it is touching me. He’s not trying to impress his audience, but is singing his song as if he were by himself — in the shower, maybe?
I found the tracks — of course — at Sir Shambling’s.  At first, I was going to post only I’m Asking Forgiveness, but A Change Is Near definitely deserves to be posted too. The song’s title already hints at the original it is based upon: Sam Cooke’s A Change Will Come. The latter song’s musical arrangement is no doubt brilliant — I especially love the guitar.

Now, get an earful of that sweet 60’s sound of Archie Walker. 

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