Clarence Carter — Next To You

For the longest time didn’t like Clarence Carter’s songs. Not that I didn’t adore his voice — it was the kind of songs he was singing. He wasn’t quite as tasteless as Marvin Sease, but still naughty enough to have me sneer at his music.
Well, it turned out I had heard his later material before his earlier one. And I must say, I just love the intensity in his rich and full baritone voice. Clarence Carter, as many other soulmen from the 60’s, had a difficult time adapting to the disco dominated music of the 70’s. And that’s when he got into the naughty business so to speak.
Anyway, I’m posting a piece by him that came up during dinner the other night. The intro already caught my attention, and it never ceased throughout the entire song. This is the CC I love …

Today’s track is from his 1973 album Sixty Minutes With Clarence Carter (Fame)


Posted by Raggedy at 2/22/2011 01:39:00 AM 1 comments

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