The Temptations — Born To Love You

I‘ll have a Temptations day today. It’s kind of strange — sometimes I actually develop a downright hankering for such sessions — last week I was devouring Manhattan songs as if they were the donuts I had myself denied for too long … I just had to have them.

Anyway, today’s Temptations song is from the 1965 album Temptin’ Temptations. I haven’t listened to this song in a while, and when it came up in i-tunes this morning, I remembered how peculiar David Ruffin’s voice sounds on that recording. At times he sounds more like his brother Jimmy (1:26) than himself. Amazing. I always detect traces of the other one in their voices, but on this record I almost feel as if both of them were singing …
Of course, once David let’s loose, there is no longer any question about whose gritty, intensely emotional voice we’re listening to.

I had almost forgotten how much I love this song.

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