AL Johnson — It’s Not Too Late

Al Johnson began his career as lead singer for the Unifics in the mid sixties. The group had three hits on the Billboard Hot 100. Their Court of Love made it to #3 on the R&B charts, and  bittersweet The Beginning of the End got to #9.

Today’s song is from his solo album Peaceful (Marina 1978). Al Johnson  co-produced and arranged the album and co-wrote the material. He worked with Norman Connors in the 80’s and released the album Back for More in 1980 (Columbia).

The 90’s saw Al Johnson work with Whispers. In 1999 he released one more album, My Heart is an Open Book, for the independent label, Clout. He reunited with one of the original Unifics, Tom Fauntleroy, and his new Unifics released Unifics Return in 2005.



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  1. Sorry to hear you,re having problems with the original blog
    love your efforts

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