Soultaker’s Treasure Chest 04-17-11

Posted By Soultaker

Yesterday was Record Store Day and while I didn’t really pick up anything other than just some more sleeves for my 45’s, I did see something interesting.  I notice the people in the store I go to were in a separate line for the RSD exclusives.  It just makes me wonder do these people come to the store regularly or did they just come for these RSD exclusives.  While I was in line paying for my 45 sleeves I looked over to the RSD line and notice that not many people had anything in their hands to pay for.  The concept of Record Store Day is great as it helps to keep independent stores in business.  On the flip side, I find that the people that come out for RSD are not regular customers but more like spectators that are just there for the freebies.  I mean where are they when it’s not Record Store Day.  There are not as much independent record stores around anymore and while the concept of RSD is good, people need to support these stores more than just one day a year.

Anyway, time for another serving of Soul as I dig through my treasure chest.  This is a all 45 set today.


  1. I Found Out – Sam & Dave – Roulette
  2. Hey, Mr. DJ – Bobby Moore & The Rhythm Aces – Checker
  3. Don’t Destroy Me – Margie Hendrix – Sound Stage
  4. I Cross My Heart( And Hope To Die) – Joe Haywood – Front Page
  5. Real Live Living Hurtin’ Man – Johnny Adams – SSS International
  6. Yes, It’s You – Barbara Mason – National General Records
  7. I Forgot To Remember – Jerry Butler – Mercury
  8. We Got A Love No One Can Deny – Tyrone Davis – Dakar
  9. It’s All Over – Pearl Dowdell – Saadia
  10. Give Him Up – The Manhattans – Deluxe

5 responses to “Soultaker’s Treasure Chest 04-17-11

  1. Thanks for this super mix ((Soultaker)) I just love the Joe Haywood track — and of course Johnny Adams. I guess my all time favorite of this mix is the Bobby Moore track: irresistible sax.

    • Thank you. Yeah, Im trying to hunt down some more Joe Haywood 45’s. I’m loving his Sam Cookish delivery. Very underrated singer.

  2. I came to this site as a producer trying to find old samples I could flip into hip hop tracks and have grown to have a whole new appreciation for these brilliant decades of music… I’ve found some great samples but have also found some great music I cant go a day without! I also have been making my parents CD’s cause they have been drinking wine to the same CDs for the past 20 years and they love some new OLDIES.. thanks so much!

    • I’m a old hip hop head myself. That love affair began when I was 6 when I heard That’s The Joint by The Funky Four + 1 back in 1980. I don’t really listen to much hip hop these days though, but that’s a rant for another day.

      Alot of people don’t understand the art of sampling. To me it keep alive the soul music I was introduced to back when I was a baby. My earilest memories were someone holding me(most likely one of my parents) over the record player as I just stared at the label on the record going round and round. So in the 80’s and early 90’s I heard the same connection but in a different form with Hip Hop, a music and culture I can call my own as I was growing up.

      I’m glad that you enjoy what we do here. It is about discovering music you might not have heard or something familar you haven’t heard in years. It’s so much out there I feel like we are only scratching the surface. Thats the beauty of this music. So much to offer. Thanks for stopping by and come again.

    • ((XCape)) thanks for stopping by. It’s great to hear that the music I grew into adulthood with, still makes people feel the way you do. The sixties and seventies sure were tumultuous decades. People became aware of their power to change societal norms through sheer will power: feminism, civil rights for instance. And the music was one of the many tools we used to bring about a change.
      It’s up to your generation now to create the music that will someday be viewed in the same light as “ours.”

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