The Whispers — A Singer of Songs

Today’s song is from The Whispers first LP The Whispers (Soul Clock, 1971). The album was re-issued by Janus in 1973 as The Planets of Life.

The Whispers have started out in the early 60’s in Los Angeles where they did what every aspiring vocal groups did back in those days: they sang do-wop on a street corner. And as many other groups of that era, they changed their initial name, The Eden Trio, to The Whispers when they joined Dore Records. At Dore, they recorded 9 singles from 1964 to 1967. Switching labels from time to time also was what groups did (and still do). They signed on to the small Soul Clock Records in 1969, a move which resulted in their first Top 10 hit: “Seems Like I Got To Do Wrong.” Among the labels they later joined was Don Gornelius’ Soul Train label (co-owned by Dick Griffey.)

Yet, unlike most other groups that emerged during the 60’s to become famous and celebrated during the 70’s and and even 80’s’ as some of them managed to do, The Whispers star never disappeared. They kept recording and touring until today with great success — and with the original members except for Marcus Hutson who passed away in 2000. His group mates did never “replace” him.

So, let’s hear my pick of the day.

Now, let’s hear The Whispers with A Singer of Songs.



The Whispers today.

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