Bill Brantley — A Little Bit More

Today is creamy voice appreciation day. Creamy voices rarely sing without beautiful string arrangements and harmonious background vocals; so they are included in the celebration, too. Unfortunately, there’s not much of a bio to be found about today’s artist, Bill Brantley.

Here’s what I found:

… Another slightly more successful duo than the aforementioned Pic & Bill was Van & Titus whose excellent “Cry Baby Cry” was a minor R&B hit in 1968 on Elf. A member of that duo, Bill Brantley also recorded for Richbourg. His first single in 1974 “Granddaddy (Loved To Share)” was issued first on Seventy Seven and then on Sound Stage 7 itself. The cut chosen here though is his second single which was released on Sound Stage 7’s third series in January 1977. It’s a stunning version of Captain Hook’s “A Little Bit More” with a tasteful string arrangement by Clayton Ivey and was presumably cut at Wishbone Studios. Its flip was the equally good “Love’s Sweet Vibrations” which Brantley co-wrote with his old Elf label mate Clifford Curry. (



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