Ronnie Dyson — A Wednesday In Your Garden

For Ronnie Dyson’s albums please go here.

I know it’s Friday again. It feels like Wednesday though. So, it’s not too far off tho post a title about A Wednesday In Your Garden.

Ronnie Dyson (June 5, 1950 – Nov. 10. 1990) was born in Washington and grew up in Brooklyn. He established his musical roots at church and sang his way through to the famous musical Hair in which he performed as lead actor.

My pick today is from his 1973 album, One Man Band. The album was produced by Thom Bell and includes  Just Don’t Want To Be Lonely, the song that, a year later,  turned out to be a success for the Main Ingredient.

Ronnie Dyson’s beautiful natural tenor voice was silenced way too early in 1990. R.I.P. Ronnie Dyson.



For an informative article about the artist, check this site out.

5 responses to “Ronnie Dyson — A Wednesday In Your Garden

  1. Ronnie Dyson was a true singer that got his claim to fame in the musical Broadway “Hair”. I have this album at home and haven’t listen to it in quite sometime. Nice selection. As you stated he passed way too soon.

    • Thanks Gua. It took me a while to decide what song to post; I like the way he emotes the feelings in this song. And I love the voice itself.
      I also like his 1977 album Love in All Flavors, especially “Don’t Be Afraid.”

  2. Very good article from the link you provided. There is always someone you are not familar with to learn about.

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