Ann Peebles Special

Ann Peebles I daresay is the uncrowned queen of Memphis soul. What Carla Thomas is to STAX, Ann Peebles is to Hi Records. 

Here’s a clip of her most popular song which was later covered by many another artists: I Can’t Stand The Rain. She co-wrote the song with her husband Don Bryant, a staff writer at Hi Records.

My playlist contains less popular, but in my opinion, equally great songs — and a favorite of mine by her.

I’ve Been There Before

I Can’t Let You Go

Until You Came Into My Life

Doctor Love Power




Get her music here!

3 responses to “Ann Peebles Special

  1. Very good selection, Raggedy. I think I’m going to listen to my Ann Peebles St Louis Woman: Memphis Soul boxset tonight.

  2. Thanks, Soultaker. She has so much good songs out. I think it was about time to post some of them …

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