Frederick Knight — If You Love Your Baby

You’ll find the album here.

How about some middle of the week disco tune? Well, here comes one that has not been played ad nauseam.

The track is from Let The Sunshine In (Juana, 1978). If you like your music with a dash of Disco, this album will not disappoint you.

Frederick Knight was born August 15, 1944 in Birmingham, Alabama. The singer, songwriter and producer began his recording career with Mercury and Capitol. In 1972 he joined STAX Records and hit the UK single charts with his best known song I’ve Been Lonely For So Long. Because this single should be his one and only hit, he’s known as one of the many one-hit-wonders. In 1975 he scored another hit with Betcha Didn’t Know That whose single version has become one of my all time favorites. (Thanks Soultaker!) There’s a long, somewhat slower, smoother version of the song on his 1987 Knight Kap album which isn’t bad at all, yet it lacks the immediacy of the single version, in my opinion.

After STAX had folded, he founded his own label Juana Records, continuing to write and produce. In 1979, Anita Ward with Ring My Bell, written by Frederick Knight, scored a # 1 hit on the UK single charts.



Betcha Didn’t Know That

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