AudioBlog#26_Hidden Beauties

My friend ((DC)) has encouraged me to keep the audioblogging going. And what can I say? It feels so good to hear that someone likes them enough to ask for them … Thanks ((DC))!

So, since there were still a few tracks left in my Rare/Obscure folder from which the last Audioblog was created, I decided to post these songs today. It turned out to be a nice selection with a heavy summer feel to it.

If anyone is interested in individual tracks, just let me know.


Rising Sun — Do What You’re Doing

David Simmons — Once In A While (Hear me Out, Fantasy 1978)

The Dells — Do What You Gotta Do Babe (Sweet As Funk Can Be, 1972)

Arthur Conley — Complication # 4 (Swamp Dogg Anthology)

Westwing — Falling In Love Is A No No

The Elements — Save It For A Rainy Day



2 responses to “AudioBlog#26_Hidden Beauties

  1. Fantastic Miss Inga. Keep the blogs coming. Great host and great music!!

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