Soultaker’s Treasure Chest 06-12-11

Posted By Soultaker

I finally have a day off from working overtime and whatnot,  so I felt it was time to put together another batch of treats from the collection.

Summer is here and it’s it hot out.  Not my time of year, as me and the sun don’t get along so well.  So to make myself feel a little cooler, here’s something to help everybody forget about the heat.


  1.  I’ve Come A Long Way – Wilson Pickett- Atlantic
  2. O.K. For You – The Fascinations – Mayfield
  3. Here With Me – Peggy Scott & Jo Jo Benson
  4. Try Love – Bobby Williams – Sure-Shot
  5. Operator – Gladys Knight & The Pips – Fury
  6. Eleanor Rigby – Ray Charles – ABC Records
  7. The Creeper Returns – Little Sonny – Enterprise
  8. Fugitive From Love – Linda Jones – Turbo
  9. No Longer – Four Mints – Loren/Numero
  10.  Nothing I Rather Be(Than Your Weakness) – M-W-T Express(Marva Whitney) – Forte
Here’s the LimeLinx (for those who requested it)

3 responses to “Soultaker’s Treasure Chest 06-12-11

  1. Thanks again, ((Soultaker)) for a super playlist! I love the Little Sonny track. Also, I haven’t listened to Ray Charles in a long time; his Eleanor Rigby is exceptionally gripping.

  2. Another fantastic podcast. Really makes me enjoy the summer. Keep up the good work

  3. Thanks all, glad you in enjoyed it.

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