Frederick Knight — I Bet You Didn’t Know That

Not so long ago, I ‘ve posted another song by Frederick Knight — one from the disco era. There’s no doubt about it — I liked that song. But nothing comes close to his ballads. Today I’ll post a song that showcases the sweet, tender tenor voice of this underrated artist. This is the single version  from the Complete Stax/Volt Singles, Vol. 3. There is another longer, somewhat slower version of the song on his 1987 Knight Kap album (Timeless, 1987) whose instrumentation is much crisper than the one on the single version. The album version does not come close to the single release, however, proving that tinkering with a perfect song, does not pay.

I found out about this dreamy, touching, uplifting song through my buddy Soultaker whose treasure chest holds many such beauties. This is the song to use whenever you’d like to kiss the blues goodbye …

‘kay, here we go.



More about Frederick Knight: here and here.

2 responses to “Frederick Knight — I Bet You Didn’t Know That

  1. OMG! I can’t believe I found this song and artist, finally after years of searching!
    I still have a collection of my 45’s from late fifties to disco era and this song was one of my favorites! I kept thinking it was by The Natural Four, who did a song, again one of my all time faves,”Can This Be Real”.
    I remember playing and singinging over and over Bet You Did’nt Know That,feeling each and every soulful strain!
    I just ordered the 45 on ebay and am now looking for the LP or CD on which this Frederick Knight song is recorded!
    Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Today 11/14/11 is a banner day for this groovy chick!
    I will continue to follow you on your site! You ai’nt the only hopelessly ol’skool chick Raggedy! Bless You!

    • Fashiongranny: You know what is the nicest thing in the world? Making someone happy — if only for having them find a long sought for song. I’m glad you finally found that song. I actually didn’t know it until my buddy Soultaker sent it to me one day. Funny thing about him: age wise he could be my son, music wise my older brother lol
      Enjoy the song, and thank you for supporting the artist.
      You’re always welcome here!

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