Treasure Chest – The After Party Lounge

Posted By Soultaker

Well our host really knows how to throw a party. This is the type of thing that almost makes me tolerate the summer heat. I definitely enjoyed the tunes that Raggedy provided over the past few days with her pool party.

What I offer here today is not a full blown party, but more like a after party lounge experience. So come kick back, grab a couple of drinks and maybe get a game of billiards in as you vibe to the treats that lay within the Treasure Chest.


  1. Don’t Burn No Bridges – Jackie Wilson Featuring The Chi-Lites – Brunswick
  2. Bills Break Up Homes – Notations – Gemigo
  3. Keep Cool( Don’t Be A Fool) – Howard Tate – Atlantic
  4. Rent Party – Booker T. – Anti-
  5. I Like Everything About You – Willie Hutch – Motown
  6. You’re A Lady – Johnny Adams – Atlantic
  7. Giving Love – The Voices Of East Harlem – Just Sunshine Records
  8. As Long As You Are There – Carolyn Franklin – RCA
LimeLinx (as requested)

2 responses to “Treasure Chest – The After Party Lounge

  1. This is an excellent set — once again! I’ve been listening to it after a long swim in the pool … lol The Jackie Wilson track with the Chi-Lites already got 2 re-replays. I absolutely love the Carolyn Franklin song.
    Thanks a million, ((Soultaker)) for this fine selection.

  2. Thanks Raggedy, it’s a shame though that it’s a good chance that Jackie Wilson didn’t even see that song released as unfortuntely he was in a coma by the time.

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