Deepie: Elmore Morris — It Seemed Like Heaven To Me

Elmore Morris, a cousin of BB King, was one half of Double Soul; the other half was Charles Cooper. As a duo they released only one single on Minaret. Both artists released more recordings of their own. Charles Cooper in another duo: Chuck and Mariann.

I agree with Sir Shambling that It seemed Like Heaven To Me (CrackerJack, 1962) is most likely Elmore’s best solo effort. To listen to more of his material please go here.

Sorry. There’s no pic. of the man — but his voice definitely makes up for it.



4 responses to “Deepie: Elmore Morris — It Seemed Like Heaven To Me

  1. Nice one! As a matter a fact it’s on ‘The Sue Records Story’ box set,which I own.
    There’s scant info in the ‘Duke/Peacock Records’ book.(Galen/Gart/Ames)

    Elmore ‘The Voice’ Morris (b. 1933 / d. 1979) hailed from Dotham,Alabama.

    Rev. Elmore Morris Jr. former blues singer,died Aug. 17 of a heart
    attack.Rev. Morris who resided in Cincinnati,toured for a number of
    years with B.B. King and recorded for the Peacock and Crackerjack
    labels.He reportedly gave up the blues for religion after he was
    wounded in a shooting incident.Rev. Morris was a dynamic preacher in
    the fire and brimstone tradition.His gospel singing fully expressed
    the joy and happiness that he found in working for the Lord.
    (source:Burnham Ware / Living Blues # 44;p57/1979)

    Burnham Ware photographed the Rev.


  2. Hello Raggedy,
    If you are interested i have a promo picture of Elmore “the voice” Morris that is autographed. It just so happens that Elmore Morris is my husband`s grandfather.

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