Silk (Damon Harris) — Funday

Damon Harris joined The Temptations after the original replacement, Ricky Owens, had been extremely fast removed from the group. Today’s track is from his 1978 post Temptation album Silk.

On Silk, Damon seems to have found his own voice, a soft, warm high tenor, only slightly reminiscent of Eddie Kendricks’, his idol, after whom he had fashioned his own style.



4 responses to “Silk (Damon Harris) — Funday

  1. Hi Inge, heute klappt noch nicht mal LimeLinx!
    Gruß Emmeni

  2. I see you finally became a fan of Damon, remember I told you a couple of years ago that he had skills.

    • I know, I know. I think I always considered Damon to be kind of a “baby Temptation.” lol He left the Tempts in 75, right? So this album was recorded about three years after his departure. It appears to me that by then he had found his own voice. He always was a great falsetto singer, but too much of an Eddie clone, in my opinion.
      I wish he’d left more solo material.

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