Ed Summers — I Can Tell

I ‘d bet I had posted this song before, but I can’t find it in the archives … I guess my brain suffers from SOTS overload.

This is the biography I found on YouTube where today’s pick is posted:
“Born in Detroit, Mich in 1955. Father “Marion W. Summers” passed away in 1966. Mother remarried in 1969 to Cato Weatherspoon. Father of William Weatherspoon writer of such hits as “What Becomes of the Brokenhearted”, and Johnny Weatherspoon; Comedian and Actor. Learned a great deal from William while developing own style of production, writing and artistry. Played Cello and Bass Violin in High School. 1973 – Graduated from Highland Park High and spent time at the University of Michigan. Played Bass Guitar and sang background and some lead in a group called the “Testimonial Singers”. Recorded an album that was never released. Left the group (kinda’ got booted out) that would eventually become the “Winans”. Picked up the acoustic guitar. Began to write songs on a continual basis. Began to sing solo in the Detroit area.

Worked as Staff Producer and Writer at “Sound Suite Recording Studio”. Met wife who was already a writer at same studio. Got married in 1980 to Deborah Dickson. Three children (Faith, Eddie and James.) Recorded “I Can Tell” and “Prepare yourself” on a 45 single. Dropped out of music industry to gain consistent support for family. Worked with artist such as; The Funk Brothers, General Johnson, Gladys Knight, Dennis Edwards, The Clark Sisters… and many more..

Supported self as computer technician and building websites. Stepped away from music completely for about 3-4 years. In 1986 began to work on a project called “Songs of Deliverance – Peace”. Completed the project in 1989. The album was given away by request as part of a ministry. Later because of expenses (postage), you could download the mp3’s from the website but could no longer get the cassette. The tapes and mp3’s are all over the world. 1990; moved to Tampa, Fla to become A&R Director of new record company. Company folded. Decided to stay in Florida. Built a Recording Studio for hire on Nebraska Avenue in the Carl Hankins and Assoc. building. Paid for lease by cleaning building. Closed studio to start new job as Systems Analyst. 1999 was out-sourced.

2003 built a studio in Tampa where the “Earth & Heaven” CD was completed in October of 2004.”


Could there be anything more uplifting than TSOP in the morning? No!



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