A Bag Of O’Jays

I am a bit behind with my posts — I guess I’m in a bit of a slump. Blame the heat! With the help of some good music, I might survive this hellish summer. The O’Jays seem to be a good choice: relaxed, smooth, and melodic …


Don’t Let The Dream Get Away,  (Let Me Touch You, Capitol 1990)

Your True Heart (And Shining Star),  (My Favorite Person, PIR, 1982)

Survival  (Survival, PIR 1975)

I Wanna Be With You Tonight (Love Fever, PIR 1985)

It’s Too Strong (The O’Jays in Philadelphia, PIR 1973)

To Prove I Love You (The Year 2000, PIR 1980) 


2 responses to “A Bag Of O’Jays

  1. I’m trying to retrieve the first two albums,1967-68.

  2. Hi! Are you talking about “Back On Top” and “Full Of Soul?” Please let me know, using the I HEAR YOU form on the right.

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