I am not really in the mood for blogging. You may have heard about the wildfires in Texas. Well, we just happen to live right in an area where it’s burning. Today we had packed our suitcases, put them into the trunks of our cars — ready to leave our homes to whatever might be happening to them. Thank goodness, the wind blew the fire away from our section of the town.

I don’t have the words to describe the feelings I had. I knew that the minute we had to evacuate, we would leave our home and everything that makes a house a home, to a unknown fate.

Fire is horror.

As soon as things have calmed down, I will get back to regular blogging.

Thanks for understanding.

Yours ol’ Raggedy.

4 responses to “Sorry,

  1. No need to apologise – your safety is far more important than blogging. Hope you stay safe and sound.

  2. Look after yourselves, and hope your home stays safe.

    We are lucky here in the UK that we generally don’t have to worry about wildfires, tornados, hurricanes and the like.

  3. I’m happy to hear that the wind blew the fire away from your part of town. You and your Husband stay safe.

  4. Thanks guys — I’m back to normal. Lesson learned: no matter who you are (or think you are), no matter whether you believe in global warming or not — it doesn’t matter. In the end, nature will have the last word. We’re just small and insignificant creatures on the face of this earth.

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