Soul Reflections – Just Another Reason

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I want to bring back a concept I briefly touched on a little over a year ago call Soul Reflections.  Whether it’s the original version of a song by an artist and a remake or just two remakes of the original.   You can find my first Soul Reflection post here.  I would like to do these more often and hopefully I will have time in my life to do so.

For this post I want to cover the song Just Another Reason, produced by my favorite singer, the legendary Curtis Mayfield. 

The first version of this song is by a group Curtis produced and managed, The Fascinations.  The group originally formed in 1960 with Martha Reeves in the line up, but soon left after the group was formed.  The remaining members of the group were, lead singer Bernadine Boswell, her sister Joanne, Fern Bledsoe and Shirley Walker.  Originally recording on ABC-Parmount in 1962, the group later recorded for Curtis Mayfield’s first attempt at owning his own label, Mayfield Records.  They had a major hit on the label with “Girls Are Out To Getcha”.  “Just Another Reason” was the final release for The Fascinations on the label and also the final release for Mayfield Records.  Curtis would later form Curtom records with Eddie Thomas.

I love The Fascinations version of this song.  As stated in the past on here, I love a soulful woman’s voice.  I can listen to Bernadine sing this song all day and with the backing vocals of the other group members, its Soul Heaven right here folks.

The Fascinations – Just Another Reason

The second version of this song was also produced by Curtis Mayfield.  This time on his Curtom label, this version is a duet with two great singers in Donny Hathaway and June Conquest.  Donny of course went on to have his own career recording for the Atco label releasing three classics, “Everything Is Everything”, “Donny Hathaway” and “Extension Of A Man”.  He would also recorded two albums with Roberta Flack.  Tragically he suffered from Schizophrenia and the disease led him to take his own life in 1979.

June Conquest was a singer that recorded roughly from 1964-1969 on a handful of labels that included Curtis’s other record label before Curtom, Windy C.  While on Curtom, she released “What’s This I See” which was the first release for Curtom Records.  Billed as Donny and June they released “I Thank You” originally in 1969.  The song was re-released in 1972 to capitalize on Donny’s success over on Atco along with Just Another Reason on the B-Side.

I’m loving the strings on this version.  You can hear the power in the voice of Donny with June coming in after with her verse.  They then combine their voices for the chorus.  A really great song that should have had more play back then, but it remains one of the rarer Donny Hathaway tracks out there.

Donny Hathaway & June Conquest – Just Another Reason

Regardless of which version you prefer, the song is great nevertheless.  I hope you in enjoyed my Soul Reflections post.  Time permitting, I hope to bring you more.


5 responses to “Soul Reflections – Just Another Reason

  1. Both songs are smooth. Different but both are good.

  2. Did anyone see my initial reply to this post? Lol I wonder where that has gone.
    Okay. I said that I like the Donny Hathaway/June Conquest version, although I usually stay away from Donny Hathaway. Not because I don’t like his voice, but because it is affecting me very strongly.
    Anyway, thanks Soultaker for these gems. I’ve never heard them before.

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