Audioblog Special — Covered By The Tops …

This post was inspired — once again — by my good friend DC. Many thanks go out to him for his support. He suggested that I do a special on songs The Four Tops have covered. Of course, there are way too many such recordings — and all of them are great. It was quite difficult to chose only a handful of covers I thought were not only done well but also in the best of Tops quality.

The Tops truly belong up there with the best male groups of all time; they never settled for second best performances, and that clearly shows in their material.

Below is a clip of an early Four Tops performance that, in my opinion, encapsulates the phenomenon Four Tops: charisma, talent, and enthusiasm .

And here’s my choice of cover versions the Four Tops left their mark upon:

Honey (I Miss You)

Little Green Apples

Echoes Of My Mind / Everybody’s Talking

If I Had A Hammer

Eleanor Rigby

Elusive Butterfly





Bobby Goldsboro, Honey

Roger Miller, Little Green Apples

Harry Nilsson, Echoes of My Mind/Ever’ybody’s Talking (from Midnight Cowboy)


The Weavers, If I Had A Hammer

The Beatles, Eleanor Rigby

Bob Lind, Elusive Butterfly

Whew! Now, I hope you all are thoroughly educated.

One response to “Audioblog Special — Covered By The Tops …

  1. You’ve done it again. I love it. I think the Tops are overlooked. This to me shows that they can take any song and make it their own. Truly talented group.

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